About Us

In a collaboration between Eaton Marine and Carkeek Design Partners the SeaQuest Catamaran has arrived.

Mike Eaton has over 40 years experience in the composite boat manufacturing industry. Founding Seaquest Ltd (1992–2012) a brand of performance racing yachts that gained traction in global markets winning multiple awards. His passion for sailing and his continuance to actively compete in racing these iconic boats encouraged the formation of the company Eaton Marine in 2012. 

  • RYA Yacht of the Year (1998)
  • US Race Boat of the Year (2005)
  • M.E Boat Builder of the Year (2007)

Years of experience



Eaton Marine is on the forefront of yacht manufacturing in the United Arab Emirates. This new venture is based in Dubai, UAE, the construction and manufacturing epicenter of the world where cutting-edge technology is utilized in all aspects of building and design. Eaton’s Dubai built vessels can be found throughout the world.


Carkeek Design Partners is built on 25 years experience designing winning racing yachts that have competed on every major regatta stage including Americas Cup, Volvo Ocean Race and Grand Prix Yachting


While remaining within the vanguard of high performance racing development, Carkeek is now applying his signature hull forms, design expertise and methodology in a new and exciting way to reshape the cruising catamaran market.


Carkeek Design Partners understands the different demands for technology, performance, and styling.


The Inspiration Behind the SeaQuest Catamaran

With a mission to offer a cutting edge multihull, SeaQuest Catamarans utilizes the forefront of building practices and materials, and embraces the newest of what is possible in sustainable technology, electric motors, and boundary pushing engineering.  What was thought to be impossible ten years ago has arrived and will create a new sailing and cruising era for the adventurous sailor.

The SeaQuest 46 is the next jump in performance sailing evolution at a sensible price point.

Sail faster. Voyage further.